CustomTankBags by LindaT.

Harley-Davidson Tankbag Gallery

Here are some pics of various bags I've done. I don't have a complete listing as I have to rely on the folks who buy my bags to take pics after they receive it as the bags don't look like much sitting on my work table.

HD RoadGlide Tankbag w/o map pocketTankBag on Harley Davidson Road King w/o a map pocket. This bag is difficult to photograph because the piping is reflective and blows the contrast. Pic taken at an HD dealership HD RoadGlide tankbag w/map pocketTankBag on a HD Road King. Map pocket is mis-positioned a bit.
HD RoadGlide tankbag interiorTankBag on Harley Davidson Road King Interior of the bag. The bump in the center is the console on the tank This bike belongs to one of my european clients and shows the bag with an optional RallyBook on top.
This is the same bike but with a close-up of the side of the tankbag and optional RallyBook. Here's another client's bike doing what they do best.
Underneath all of this is is the Sportster that Brett Donahue rode in the 07 IBR. I made the tankbag and bra mount that also holds a couple of water bottles.