CustomTankBags by LindaT.

Yamaha Tankbag Gallery

Here are some pics of some FJR1300 bags I've done. I don't have a complete listing as I have to rely on the folks who buy my bags to take pics after they receive it as the bags don't look like much sitting on my work table.

 This is a tankbag on an FJR. It has upgraded pockets, a bra mount and no panniers Here's a side view of the same bike. The client didn't want any reflective material on the bag, but he wanted flat loops of webbing on the exterior of the pocket on the left side.
.Same bike. This side, he wanted penloops on the exterior of the pocket. HD RoadGlide tankbag interiorThis image is from the beginning of the IBR, hence the uber-farkeling. This is a tankbag on an FJR1300. The bag is mounted using a mini bra. I made panniers with pockets to attach to the bra. A RallyBook without the clipboard is on top.
"Gizmo Bag" on FJR1300Here's another shot of the same bike. The two large lower pockets are on the pannier. The pocket above them is on the tankbag. Here's the same bike with a different view.
Another FJR Bag with a bra mount View of the bra mount. There is one open pocket visible just below the D-ring that is handy for holding side-stand plates that can be attached to the D-ring for easy retrieval. There is a somewhat hidden zippered pocket just above the fuel filler access hole.
Another bag on an FJR that includes panniers and a RallyBook. This pic shows the upper pocket on the bra mount. The bra mount has the panniers attached.
Here's another shot of the bra showing the panniers better. This pic show the tankbag with the optional RallyBook.
This pic shows the wire pass-thru located on the left forward side of the tankbag. The pass-thru is a small water-resistant zippered opening for getting wires in or out of the tankbag. This pic show the zipper under the flap on the Pass-thru.
This pic show the bag fully expanded. This bag also has an optional Gizmo section