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Here are some pics of various bags, covers and other fun stuff I've done. I don't have a complete listing as I have to rely on the folks who buy my bags to take pics after they receive it as the bags don't look like much sitting on my work table.

Tail bag for a KLR650 Same bag expanded
Touratech tank for a GS used by an IronButt Rally Winner
Please pardon my messy work table ;-)
Another view of the Touratech Tank
Another view of the Touratech Tank showing the panniers Another view of the Touratech tank showing the panniers and the front tool pocket
RT bagHD Tail bag Another view of the HD Tail bag
This is intended for an ST1300. I don't have one so I took this pic sitting on my CBR600. At least it's a Honda. This is one of the more unusual items I've made. It's a cover for a bike that is also a tent for the rider. It was originally made for an R1100RT. I made another one for a GoldWing 1800, but don't have a pic of it.
Another view of the Bike Cover/Tent Another view of the Bike Cover/Tent
This bag is on a snowmobile and had to fit in a very oddly sized spot. Another shot of the snowmobile bag. Brrrrr!
The entire snowmobile just for effect. Here's a cover for a GL1800 all tucked up into it's carry bag.
Here's the GL1800 cover unfurled. It has a reflective stripe on each side. The client is a pilot so he wanted the red/black/green colorscheme. Another shot of the GL1800 cover.