CustomTankBags by LindaT.

How I do what I do

It takes a specialized skillset to make anything useful. You have to understand the activity and challenges. The best understanding comes from actually doing as then you get to see what works and what doesn't.

I've been riding for 20+ years and I've logged a lot of miles. I've used a lot of different bits of equipment and I've seen some really poorly designed stuff sold to motorcyclists. I've seen some amazing ideas as well.

In order to create a useful and not-ugly piece of equipment (i.e.tankbag), we need to work together. I need to know the type of riding you intend to do and any special applications you have. If I've done a bag for your model of bike before, I already know what shape of bag works the best. If not, I need to find a similar model locally so I can take some measurements. I need to know how high the handlebars are above the tank (if they ARE above the tank), how far apart the handlebars are, and how long the tank is and what kind of slope is involved. With this information, I can sketch out a bag. How big of a bag do you need? Most tankbags are measured in liters, which unfortunately makes little sense to me except to compare one bag to another. I don't know the capacity of my bags in liters, so that is really no help. Next, what special items do you intend to carry? a GPS perhaps? I've made several bags with special pockets on the lid to hold specific GPS units. You absolutely have to have your sunglasses on the outside? No sweat. I can put a specially shaped and lined sunglass pocket where you need it. You want your tunes inside? I can wire the bag for electricity with the appropriate socket to power almost anything.

All you gotta do is ask ;-)