CustomTankBags by LindaT.

IBR 2007 Pictures

I was unable to be at the start of the Rally, but I asked some folks who would be, if they could take some pics for me. These were taken by Voni Glaves, Jerry White, Donald Jones and Jim Puckett. Many thanks to all. Where I could identify the bikes I did. If I made any errors in identification, please let me know. My congratulations go to every rider. What an amazing event.

Brett Donahue's Sportster. I did a tankbag and minibra with bottle holders for him. He came in third place and congrats to him. Another shot of Brett's Sportster
More Sportster More Sporty
More Sporty An RT with my RallyBook perched on top.
Jim Owen's RT with my TankBag mounted on his BMW tankbag base. Jim came in second this time and a hearty WELL DONE from me. Jim Owen's bike again showing my RallyBook as well.
RT bagJim Owen's bike again Mike Evans FJR1300.I made a tankbag with mini-bra and panniers that attache to the bra.
Mike Evan' bike again
Rob Nye's R12RT. I made the tankbag shown. Heavily farkled, eh? Too bag Rob was felled by the dreaded 'final drive failure'. Better luck next time. Another shot of Rob's bike
"Gizmo Bag" on FJR1300 "Gizmo Bag" on FJR1300
Tom Sayer's bag view 1 Tom Sayer's bag view 2Jim and Donna Phillips' bike
Matt Watkins's BagJim and Donna Phillips in the flesh Matt Watkins's bag view 2
Matt Watkins's bag view 3John Tomasovitch's K12RS. John has a different approach. I made hime a partial tank cover with pockets and a RallyBook Matt Watkins's bag view 3Another shot of John's bike
KLR Tail bagA closer shot of John's bike KLR Tail bagAnd here's John with his bike
KLR Tail bagAnother shot of John's bike KLR Tail bagAnother shot of John's bike
KLR Tail bagKevin Healey's bike. I made an Aux tank cover for him and modified his commercially produced tankbag to include some extra pockets. Another shot of Kevin's bike
Peter Leap's ST1300. Peter also went with a partial tank cover with pannier pockets and a rally book Here's a wider shot of Peter's showing the Ron Smith's aux tank with my tank cover on it
Tobie Stevens and his FJR1300 with one of my tank covers on his aux tank
The lovely and talented Lisa Stevens and her FJR1300 with another tank cover on her aux tank
Tobie pointing out my work. Thanks, Tobie Matt Watkins bike
Another shot of Matt Watkin's bike. Arlen Brunsvold Sr and his R12RT. I made a tankbag to fit on his BMW tankbag base and an aux tank cover
A closeup of Arlen Sr.'s aux tank cover Arlen Sr's bike parked showing the tankbag and the aux tank cover
a Ron Smith aux tank on a GoldWing with my tank cover. Another shot of the same tank
An R12RT with my tankbag on the BMW tankbag mount and my RallyBook The same bike
A K12LT using my RallyBook Same Bike with close up of the RallyBook
Another LT with one of my aux tank covers Here's a pic of Donald Jones' bike at Graceland. Although it may be hard to see, the bike is sporting a very stylish RallyBook.